6 Signs of a Dirty Contractor

So, you’ve started considering contractors for your home renovation job. They all seem to know what they’re talking about, right? How do you know who is truly going to do the best job for you? Luckily, we’ve been in this business long enough to know the signs of a dirty contractor.


6 Signs of a Dirty Contractor


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So often we hear about the “amazing deals” offered by contractors.  Coming from the perspective of a contractor who understands the price of materials and labor, we know that these “discounts” being offered are just a way to get you to say yes quicker. Here’s how it works: the contractor will increase their base price by the exact percentage they plan on discounting, then advertise it as an incredible savings. This is a common tactic among contractors and we are here to put an end to it!

At Energy Swing Windows, we guarantee our pricing is honest and based off of industry standards. When we promise a discount, we stand by our words and decrease our price!



           We all know this sales tactic too well. You can probably picture exactly the type of pushy salesman we’re talking about: charming, presentable, and RELENTLESS! Many salesmen in this industry know little to nothing about the products they are presenting. They know the pricing, they know the calculations, and they know how to get you to say yes! Some high-pressure sales tactics include manipulating your emotions, not backing down after you’ve said no, assuming the sale without asking, etc. These all can make saying no very difficult.

Because of our customers’ many experiences with salesmen like this, Energy Swing Client Consultants follow a strict, two-step sales process. The first meeting is referred to as the “measure call”. This is where we do a thorough examination of the area being worked on, take measurements, and learn about our customers' vision and how they’d like to proceed. Our consultants are trained in all areas of the job process, including manufacturing and installation, to guarantee you are getting exactly what you need. We then come back for a second meeting on another day to discuss pricing and financing options. This is a NO PRESSURE approach, guaranteeing our customers are making a conscious decision based off of their needs.



How many times have you heard that phrase? This is one of the easiest ways salesman can force you into buying right then and there. Impulse buying is a scary thing! Have you ever walked out of a store with a bag full of items and say “what the heck just happened”? Us too. Maybe you weren’t planning on buying that day. Maybe you wanted to discuss it with your spouse first. How could you do either of those things when the price is “THIS GOOD”, and walking out the door means a higher price when you are ready to buy? That’s exactly how they want you to feel, and it works almost every time!

Don’t let these tactics fool you. If they want your business bad enough, they’ll offer you that price again. Do you really want to buy from those types of salesman though? That’s where we come in. When Energy Swing quotes you on a price, we can lock you into that rate for a full week, guaranteeing enough time for you to make the right decision for yourself.



So they’ve gone through their pitch, they’ve used every dirty sales tactic in the books, and you still say no. How do they react? They completely disregard your “no” and continue on selling. They have numerous reasons why your concerns are not valid and refuse to let it go.

At Energy Swing, we value your opinion and understand that not everyone is the perfect fit for our products or services. Your decision is exactly that: YOURS! We respect it and will not force you into anything.



This one is more common then you think! You may not consider this piece of information while reviewing contractors, but we promise after this you will. Sub-contracting means that the company supplying the materials and billing you pays a different company to come do the installation. "Whats the big deal" you may be thinking. Doesn't seem too horrible right? Wrong. Two different companies working on one job allows for miscommunication and causes mistakes to happen. When a mistake does happen, both companies start playing the blame game and you get no answers or resolutions! Salesman often claim they hire their own installers during their sales pitch. Many customers don't find out they were lied to until something goes wrong.

All of Energy Swing's expert installers are employed directly by us, eliminating any confusion between different parties. We do this because we hold Energy Swing employees to a higher standard. We provide the best of the best in materials and refuse to lack that same quality in employees and installers.



All of these signs are true qualities of a bully! Many salesman aim at taking power away from you for them to be in control. If you catch a glimpse of these qualities in the salesman you're speaking with...RUN!

Energy Swing Windows promises to RESPECT YOU in every aspect of the sale, manufacturing, and installation of your project. We understand the investment you are making, and we're here to help! If you're tired of dealing with bullies, give us a call to discuss your dreams for your home.


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