4 Ways Creating a Home Office Benefits You!

Working from home is an amazing opportunity. It gives you the chance to create your own picture-perfect work environment. It eliminates many of the typical distractions you would find in a corporate office, such as uncomfortable desk set-ups or overhearing coworkers conversations. However, you run into a whole new list of distractions when working from home. Having a designated work space can eliminate many of those distractions and improve your work environment in many ways.

1.      Increases Productivity:

A designated work space in a self-contained room/area of the house allows you to create your ideal set-up without the tear down and rebuild every day. Imagine how frustrating it would be to need the stapler and have to go running around the house trying to find where you left last it. Time is saved when you can reach over to the stapler spot on your desk and know that it’s going to be there. Same goes for work documents, pens, notebooks, phone charger, etc. Equip your office as if you couldn’t go searching around the house for supplies and watch your work increase in quality and efficiency.

2.      Maintains Discipline:

Finding a routine is key to working from home! There need to be rules and regulations or it can turn into chaos quickly. Setting yourself a defined work schedule, including breaks and lunch, will help maintain discipline during work hours. Creating a time schedule for everything will force you to stay on track. During your breaks, walk away from your office. Step outside or sit in the kitchen for lunch. This will teach your mind that your office is strictly for working.

3.      Reduces Physical Stress/Injury:

Creating a controlled environment for working gives you full advantage to escape all of the physical stress causing factors that most people find in a regular, corporate office. The first place to start is with a comfortable chair. Many office injuries are caused by poor posture due to an uncomfortable chair. This can affect a person’s back, neck, and shoulders, causing physical pain and distracting them from their work. Another physical stress that can be limited is eye strain and headaches simply with proper lighting and computer screen brightness.

4.      Separating Work Life and Home Life:

Working from home makes it difficult to understand when you’re at work and when you’re at home. The best way to train your brain is with a completely separate room designated specifically for working. If you are like many of us and don’t have an empty room to occupy, the basement is the perfect place! I know what you’re thinking: “Ew! It’s so dark, cold, and depressing down there”. We totally get it! Clear out some of that junk and have an office created with Total Basement Finishing. This system is inviting, relaxing, and, best of all, sound resistant! You can avoid eye strain by combining glare-free overhead lighting with good task lighting. The ThermalDry® floor tiles provide an easy-to-clean floor surface that office chairs love to roll on. You’ll find comfort in your new distraction-less, work temple with Total Basement Finishing!

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To learn more, visit or call 1-724-387-2991 and speak with Kelly or Jess about how they can create your perfect home office!

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