Eco-Friendly Benefits of LED Lights

As our ozone layer depletes, it is more crucial than ever that society puts forth a serious effort to take care of the planet. A great place to start is with our light bulbs. LED lighting solutions are a great way to make your home more “green”.

1. Brighter LightEco-Friendly Benefits of LED Lights - Image 1

LED bulbs give off a much brighter light than CFL bulbs. LEDs are about 2-4 times brighter. With brighter lights, you’ll require fewer bulbs to light a room. The fewer bulbs you require reduce your energy consumption, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Longer Lasting Bulbs

LED lights last about 6 times longer than other light bulbs, resulting in less frequent bulb changes. The amount of materials for manufacturing and packing is then reduced, depleting fewer resources overall.

3. Less Heat Given Off

The less heat given off of light bulbs keeps your rooms from getting too warm. With LED bulbs, you don’t need to worry about cranking up the air anymore and you’ll notice a decrease in your energy bills.


Total Basement Finishing uses all LED lighting with our system, making your new hangout spot comfortable and eco-friendly. They are in a sealed unit, not exposing the bulb at all, for a sleeker and finished look. To learn more about our GREEN system, visit

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