Work Requests in Pittsburgh

Total Basement Finishing by Energy Swing Windows is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pittsburgh. Learn more about Total Basement Finishing by Energy Swing Windows's recent work requests in Pittsburgh and nearby areas!

Learn more about Energy Swing Windows' recent work requests in Pittsburgh, PA
Vicinity of Avenue A in Pittsburgh
16 double hung wood windows circa 1940 with storm windows. One storm door regular size, one wooden farmhouse door, irregular size.
Vicinity of Chapparal Drive in Pittsburgh
3-4 windows replaced, and a front door replaced
Vicinity of MCKAY STREET in Pittsburgh
We need 10 double hung medium size windows in brown vinyl inside and out.
Vicinity of Cypress St in Pittsburgh
Looking for a door to secure my basement exit. Likely a steel door I would imagine.
Vicinity of Jackson Street in Pittsburgh
Hi! We need a new front door because the door frame is rotting and it doesn't really close all the way because it's super old. Looking for an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Tripoli St in Pittsburgh
More energy efficient front door, better seal.
Vicinity of Toura Dr in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
Would like to update my entry door. This would include just the door not the screen door. Thank you so much!
Vicinity of Conneaut Drive in Pittsburgh
Window replacement 4
Vicinity of Veronica Drive in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on having my basement remodeled
Vicinity of Longridge Dr in Pittsburgh
Interested in a quote on exterior door and storm door installation on a back door on my house in Mt Lebanon
Vicinity of Brushcliff RD in Pittsburgh
I would like one wall approximately 20'X8' with removable panels on a track system. I don't want to go into the block wall.
Vicinity of Harvest Manor Dr in Pittsburgh
We'd like to get a quote to have our basement finished.
Vicinity of Waldorf St in Pittsburgh
I am raising my two nieces and nephew. I am looking to finish my basement so they can have a place to play, store toys etc. Also my nephew has his room down stairs and could use a finished bathroom.
Vicinity of Alta Dena Dr in Pittsburgh
I own 4 properties. Some need doors and some windows.
Vicinity of Hetherton Drive in Pittsburgh
Turning a "challenging" basement into a game/play room. Please contact me by email. Thank you
Vicinity of Buckingham Drive in Pittsburgh
We have a unfinished basement - looking for a price quote on finishing the full basement including a bathroom and wet bar
Vicinity of Braddsley Drive in Pittsburgh
New drop ceiling in basement
Vicinity of Josephine Street in Pittsburgh
Need new windows for a rehab flip
Vicinity of Oakridge Street in Pittsburgh
400-475 square foot basement. Would like an estimate on basic remodel. ( Floors walls, celinng replacement. Please advise. Thanks
Vicinity of Home St in Pittsburgh
Hello, I have a window in our second floor bathroom that needs replacing. Currently, it is a double hung window, but we are not opposed to a single hung window if the price is better. We are also looking for the work to be done as soon as possible. Thank you, Vanessa
Vicinity of Northridge Dr in Pittsburgh
Flooring + ceiling basement
Vicinity of Berkshire Ave in Pittsburgh
We need our basement to be done! can you call us to give us an estimate?
Vicinity of Monongahela St in Pittsburgh
Basement laundry room bathroom
Vicinity of Farragut St in Pittsburgh
Would be interested in evaluating the potential and estimated cost for finishing some of our basement
Vicinity of Rustic Ridge Dr in Pittsburgh
We need to replace our front door. The door has a 1/2 arch transom window and 2 half sidelites.
Vicinity of South Ave in Pittsburgh
I want to turn my basement into a livable bedroom.
Vicinity of Delaware Street in Pittsburgh
We want to finish our old Pittsburgh basement. We have an old sink and an old toilet that we want to replace while adding a shower. We also want to frame out part of the basement to make a playroom while adding electrical outlets and lighting.
Vicinity of LILMONT DRIVE in Pittsburgh
I need to replace my living room window and get an estimate on my front door.
Vicinity of Graham Blvd in Pittsburgh
Uneven basement floors. Water damage laminate floors and water damage walls in office space. Not severe, but enough of a concern. Possible removal of drop ceilings for recess lighting instead. Floors and walls most important. Need this office space! :(
Vicinity of Maruth Drive in Pittsburgh
I would like to replace my back door with a door that has remote, electronic, security features.
Vicinity of Hollywood Drive in Pittsburgh
Our basement needs renovation and finishing, mostly new drywall and flooring.
Vicinity of Shadowlawn Drive in Pittsburgh
Looking for 3 new front windows. As part of the HOA they need to be double hung, contain the grids between and untinted
Vicinity of MOYNELLE DRIVE in Pittsburgh
Replace Storm Door on front entry.
Vicinity of Middleboro Road in Pittsburgh
Would like to get some minor work done to make my basement feel more finished.
Vicinity of Highland Rd in Pittsburgh
We would like a finished basement. We have waterproofing that takes care of any seepage from side walls. However, moisture seeps through the basement floor.
Vicinity of McIlrath Drive in Pittsburgh
I have #3 and #5 McIlrath that need quotes: #5 basement and windows (27) #3 windows (10) After 11am and before 6pm any day should work.
Vicinity of Buckingham Drive in Pittsburgh
I'd like to purchase a new entry door and storm door that allows for airflow. I'd like the entry door to be either 1/2 or 3/4 glass for more natural lighting.
Vicinity of Indianola Road in Pittsburgh
I have a pool house window approximately 6' by 4' and I'm trying to get a ball park cost for a custom window, which should be mostly glass with as much of a seamless design as possible. The window will open to a bar, so ideally it will fold open sideways with somewhat of a seamless frame across the bottom to maintain the flat surface of the bar.
Vicinity of Rodgers Street in Pittsburgh
We want to get a quote in remodeling our unfinished basement into a studio-type apartment for my college-aged daughter. Thank you.
Vicinity of Firwood Drive in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of Driftwood in Pittsburgh
Drop ceiling repair and replace panels with more aesthetically pleasing ones
Vicinity of Garden Terrace in Pittsburgh
I want to replace my windows in my house. I heard about your company on word FM.
Vicinity of MISSION DRIVE Pittsburgh Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh
Broken original front door to our 1937 craftsman house and matching French doors are adjacent so really must coordinate. We have a very tight budget so I need to find out how inexpensively I can replace these doors
Vicinity of Means Ave in Pittsburgh
I'm in the inspection phase of buying a house and it looks to need about 12 replacement windows. I would like an estimate on replacing these.
Vicinity of Dagmar Ave. in Pittsburgh
We need a new entry door, screen door and windows
Vicinity of Dagmar Ave. in Pittsburgh
We need a new entry door, screen door and windows
Vicinity of Orchard Spring Re in Pittsburgh
Basement needs refinished.
Vicinity of Borland Rd in Pittsburgh
We purchased our house last year. When the weather started getting colder, we noticed one of our picture windows in the dining room began to crack. The crack has spidered down from the top left corner and is about a foot in length. We are not sure when they updated the windows what company the renovators used. We are hoping to fix it and still match the picture window that is in our living room.
Vicinity of Cherrington Dr in Pittsburgh
I am looking to replace my entry door and storm door. I would like a fiberglass entry door.
Vicinity of Cypress Dr in Pittsburgh
Looking at the cost to replace all our windows.
Vicinity of Pleasantvue Dr in Pittsburgh
It's waterproofed I want to have it finished now (ceiling, floor, washer dryer moved etc...)
Vicinity of Bahama Drive in Pittsburgh
I would like to get an estimate to replace 6 double hung windows.
Vicinity of Kaufmann Ave in Pittsburgh
Cracked window, need replacement
Vicinity of Windgap Ave in Pittsburgh
Wanted to see what can be done with my basement
Vicinity of Undercliff Road in Pittsburgh
I have a dirt/concrete basement floor and would like a new flooring option and would like someone to evaluate and propose options.
Vicinity of Elma Street in Pittsburgh
I have a uneven concrete floor and I'm looking to finish one long side of my basement into a laundry room with a door and then a open space to make a family/ 2nd living room. The opposite side would be blocked off and house the furnace and water heater
Vicinity of Downlook Street in Pittsburgh
I want to refinish my basement to add dedicated storage areas as well as make it a usable space.
Vicinity of Milton Road (Castle Shannon) in Pittsburgh
We have a white, full-glass (hinge on the right, handle on the right) storm door now. It needs to be replaced. Please phone me for an appointment.
Vicinity of Greenbush St. in Pittsburgh
I'd like to replace my outdated and non energy efficient frenchdoors.
Vicinity of LENOX DR in Pittsburgh
Need to replace 16 windows in my home.
Vicinity of Jane St in Pittsburgh
Basement finishing project - Southside basement; 7.5' - 8' celings; 111' linear feet of sandstone wall. Sump pump, french drains, new floor, etc.
Vicinity of Sunridge Dr. in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of N Euclid Ave in Pittsburgh
Estimate required for basement finishing
Vicinity of Evelyn Rd in Pittsburgh
Looking for a quote for a basement finishing project
Vicinity of Oxford Rd in Pittsburgh
Want to finish, or partially finish our basement. Looking for a floor and walls around water heater, furnace, etc. also we're looking to paint our ceiling since a drop ceiling would make the space too small. We would use this area as a space for our kids/tv room. I think our basement is between 500 and 600 sq feet
Vicinity of Valley Street in Pittsburgh
I have a small basement in need of updating. The basement is divided into two rooms small gameroom and laundry room. With half bathroom. I don't spend a lot of time there except to wash clothes. Would like it renovated and may spend more time there.
Vicinity of Walnut Street in Pittsburgh
I have a very damp, typical older, Pittsburgh basement, that I would like to be turn into an use able space. I would like to create a work out - living area.
Vicinity of Fall Run Road in Pittsburgh
Do you offer blinds between the glass sliding glass doors?
Vicinity of Preston Street in Pittsburgh
Entry Fiberglass front door and storm door needed.
Vicinity of Clearview Drive in Pittsburgh
Replace the current living room large picture window
Vicinity of Fall Run Rd in Pittsburgh
I want a new entry door and side light (only on one side). I want a storm door too.
Vicinity of Catalpa Pl in Pittsburgh
Looking for a new door from my entry from my garage into my basement. Tricky thing is the door is not standard door size (a few inches shorter). I wanted to see what the price for this would be and if the coupon sent for $600 off entry or patio door would apply. Thanks
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr. in Pittsburgh
Basement finishing
Vicinity of Irwin Drive in Pittsburgh
I would like to have two new windows installed as well as a door and a storm door.
Vicinity of Center Hill Rd in Pittsburgh
6 replacement windows
Vicinity of Salem in Pittsburgh
Looking at two doors
Vicinity of Buckingham Rd in Pittsburgh
Need two doors, looking at Pella
Vicinity of Greystone Dr in Pittsburgh
Pella is coming out on the 7th I need 20 windows
Vicinity of Seneca Dr in Pittsburgh
New entry door and screen door
Vicinity of Bendview Dr in Pittsburgh
I have 4 windows that I would like to have replaced
Vicinity of Waldorf St in Pittsburgh
Rear exterior door. I broke the glass in the original door and am considering to just replace it.
Vicinity of Barton Drive in Pittsburgh
I have an old 32" Wood Entry Door I am looking to replace. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marymont Dr in Pittsburgh
Vicinity of S Linwood Ave in Pittsburgh
I'd like an estimate for replacing 3 double-hung windows and 1 bathroom window that opens with a crank. I want energy efficient double-pane windows that do not require painting.
Vicinity of Lytton Avenue in Pittsburgh
I would like an estimate on replacing my current, ~30yo front storm door with a new "entry" door. The design choice of the new door is TBD. If possible, I prefer this be done soon at your convenience and that it does not require me being there, since the current door can be accessed/assessed from the outside of the house.
Vicinity of Jonquil Place in Pittsburgh
12 windows plus attic windows...just looking to see how much money we need to save. Interested in the energy swing windows
Vicinity of Lessing Street in Pittsburgh
Replacement of all windows in house.
Vicinity of Orvis Ave in Pittsburgh
Our house has old windows. Would like to update the current ones
Vicinity of Marvista St in Pittsburgh
6 windows, back door, and screen doors
Vicinity of Nichols Rd in Pittsburgh
16 double hung replacement windows
Vicinity of Clinton Dr in Pittsburgh
I need a new entry door and frame or possibly just the frame
Vicinity of Dwight Avenue in Pittsburgh
I am interested in getting an estimate to replace the windows in my home. Thank you, Kirsten
Vicinity of McKinley Avenue in Pittsburgh
Want to replace a large bowed window with a regular window in the front of my home. Window is poorly insulated. Would like a free estimate if possible.
Vicinity of Berkshire Drive in Pittsburgh
Need a new outside door, and storm door, possibly front door also
Vicinity of WESTFIELD STREET in Pittsburgh
I want to replace windows
Vicinity of McCully Street in Pittsburgh
Need two entry doors replaced and two storm doors too. May also want a new bathroom window.
Vicinity of Cimarron Dr in Pittsburgh
I need changed 2 old windows on your new one in my house.
Vicinity of Hastings Mill Road in Pittsburgh
I have (12)double hungs and (2) large 4-casement windows that need replacing
Vicinity of King Charles Dr in Pittsburgh
Replacing windows
Vicinity of Hiawatha St in Pittsburgh
Need new frame work for new windows(5) on second floor and just plain glass design if possible
Vicinity of Chislett St in Pittsburgh
Replacement windows
Vicinity of Pius Street in Pittsburgh
Balcony door seems to be rotted. When I got my home inspected they said that the door probably needs to be replaced. Interested in getting a quote and seeing what we can do about it.
Vicinity of Clairmont Drive in Pittsburgh
Potentially replacing windows and front door
Vicinity of Bradley Court in Pittsburgh
15 replacement double hung windows
Vicinity of Morrow Rd in Pittsburgh
Replacement of 2 windows in front of the house, original to house wooden windows. Replacement of larger crank out window in kitchen, not original to house. Seal in kitchen window has been damaged and moisture has accumulated between panes.
Vicinity of Rescue Street in Pittsburgh
We have old windows that have known lead issues. Need to get a portion of the house replaced and need to know extra care will be taken to minimize dust. Would like to set up a consult on Thursday March 17th if that is an option. Please let me know. Thanks.
Vicinity of Labelle Street in Pittsburgh
Looking for a quote to replace 6 windows, and install 1 bay window
Vicinity of Fernleaf Street in Pittsburgh
I need an estimate on a door